The recipe was translated 1:1 from the old German.

For this purpose, a piece of leg, ribs spear, comb or the leaf is used. The meat to be roasted is cut from the rind and washed. It is either roasted fresh or put for several days in a marinade or pickle of light white wine or wine vinegar with some juniper berries, whole cloves, pepper and spice grains.

From time to time it is necessary to turn and stuff the meat in it.

The fresh meat, as well as the marinated one, is larded with cloves and sprinkled with some crushed juniper berries, heavily salted, put on water and roasted in its own fat like fresh roast pork.

If the meat is very lean, lard it and fry it with butter. It is also advisable to butter the marinated meat, you then gradually pour a little of the marinade sideways into the pan. When the sauce is briefly fried, add a glass of red Hungarian wine or cherry or currant juice instead and season with Maggi.

Wild boar