Besides the countless recipes for everything nowadays in our affluent society, I find it interesting what was conjured up on the table over a hundred years ago with the primarily local seasonal products. Here is an ancient German recipe.

I translated it from old German into a current language.

To stuff a large turkey or 3-4 capons, take 500g of pork (pork loin) and 500g of veal. You shave this small, that no sinews remain and chop it with the liver of the poultry once again. Then soften 125g of grated bread in milk, squeeze it thoroughly and let it swell on the fire with 125g of butter, stirring continuously, until it separates from the braising pan.

When it has cooled down, mix it with the meat, add 4 eggs, salt, pepper, lemon peel, a little anchovy and pass it through a sieve.

The filling becomes even finer in the following way:

Take a small pork loin, a veal milk(brisket – special piece of veal breast) and a small goose liver.

The veal milk is boiled, the goose liver is steamed with a little pepper and salt for a short time, then everything together together with 3 anchovies, a small shallot, a little lemon peel, pepper and salt is weighed or driven through the meat machine. Now stir 125g of butter to a foam, add 4 whole eggs, for 10 pfennigs grated bread crumbs, 2 spoonfuls of sweet cream (cream) and to taste 150-500g of finely chopped truffles.

All this is mixed with the meat, seasoned with pepper and salt and swell.

Truthahn gebraten