Germany ranks third among exporting nations, right after the USA and China. Here is a brief ascending overview of what the country’s most important exports are.


One of the most important materials of our industrial age. German metals and semi-finished products of the most precise manufacture form the basis for the most diverse products worldwide.

sonstige Fahrzeuge
Other vehicles

Whether it’s the tractor for field work, the mobile crane or concrete mixers for house construction, other vehicles rank 7th on the German export list. Here, too, quality and precision are the selling points for foreign companies.


Bayer Pharma alone made sales of over 43 billion euros in 2019. German pharmaceutical companies play a major role in the development of new drugs.

Elektrische Ausrüstung
Electrical equipment

Nowadays, nothing works without electrics. The production of the highest quality, most reliable electrical components with a world reputation puts this division in 5th place.

Chemical worker

Just like electrical engineering, a wide variety of chemical compounds are used in almost all industrial products. Rank 4 for this versatile German export.

Data processing

The 3rd place goes to data processing and optics. SAP and Carl Zeiss Jena are familiar to most people.


Low-maintenance and durable precision machines, that’s what every manufacturing entrepreneur wants. The trouble-free operation of a machine in the production process is priceless. With a machine from Siemens, Enercon or Thyssen, you play it safe. It may cost you a euro more, but in the end the reliability and lowest tolerances pay off twice.


abroad. However, domestic German production is still sufficient for the motor vehicle sector to rank first among German exports. What makes the German cars so special? I don’t know! But they must have something about them that they are in demand worldwide.