If you move freely in nature, e.g. on meadows and in bushes, the probability that you catch a tick is very high!

Since the winters in Germany have become much milder, The different colored animals you need to remove as soon as possible and watch the spot for several more days.

We are most often infested by the wood tick here, but last year I had discovered an Auwald tick while picking mushrooms from my mushroom basket when I put it down on a white office table. It is the largest tick species found in Germany and its size is really scary.

Countless tick bites

As a passionate angler, I have had countless tick bites after my fishing trips in Germany. Still in the 90s I received a so-called tick vaccination. Against what it worked I do not know now, only I know that thanks to this vaccination it never came to serious diseases.

My appeal to you:

If you come from a country where there are no ticks and you like to stay off the beaten track in untouched nature, then look for possible infestations at the latest in the evening when washing! The sooner the tick is removed, the lower the risk of contracting Lyme disease.

Auenwaldzecke aus dem Spreewald
Alluvial forest tick from the Spree Forest