Die Deutschen sind eine große Suppen-Nation. Traditionell wird bei größeren Gerichten eine kleine Vorsuppe gereicht. Aber es gibt auch Hauptgerichte bestehend aus einem reichhaltigen Eintopf. Lass uns einen Blick auf meine 7 beliebtesten Suppen werfen!

Green bean stew

grüne Bohnen
Runner beans

Green bean stew is traditionally prepared in Germany with soup meat from beef or even a little more delicately with sheep. In addition to a soup green must necessarily be a few pieces of potatoes. The stew gets its unmistakable aroma from a good bunch of savory. This kind of stew belongs to my absolute favorite soups and tastes especially good on uncomfortable autumn days.

Asparagus soup

fine asparagus soup

As a basis for this seasonal (April – June) specialty, a white sauce is prepared from sweated butter and flour. This is deglazed with the previously boiled asparagus pieces and their asparagus water. The extension to cream of asparagus soup with cream is very simple. Other spices such as chervil, white pepper or lemon juice to taste. Garnish with parsley and or finely chopped leeks. In German supermarkets you can find excellent instant asparagus soups from, for example, Knorr or Maggi which I recommend without reservation.

Chicken noodle pot

Chicken noodle pot with stomach

It is given to weak people with cold or flu. Chicken soup has a very invigorating effect on sick people. It is a very quick and cheap soup. First of all, chicken giblets are boiled and strained. Then add greens, possibly chicken gizzards or hearts, noodles and the standard soup spices. Finally, the rendered meat of the chicken giblets and a few green frozen peas also fit in nicely. The soup heats up nicely and you can look forward to a speedy recovery. There is this soup standard for under one euro per 800g can in almost every German supermarket and discount store and these also taste quite good!

Carrot stew

Bunch carrots

This vegetarian stew offers a very strong vegetable flavor if you use fresh bunch carrots. The soup consists only of carrots, onion and little potato. It is thickened with flour at the end. Sprinkling the plate with lots of fresh parsley is an absolute must for this simple yet very flavorful soup. The soup is almost fat-free and very suitable for weight loss.

Pea soup

thick pea soup

Pea soup can be found in any restaurant with home-style cooking. It is a very thick stew based on smoked pork belly. The long satiating but light soup is very suitable on hikes. Pea as a legume contains important B vitamins and fiber. Its high potassium content can also lower blood pressure. As a German folk soup, this stew is also available in every German supermarket and discount store as a tasty 800g can for under one euro.

Potato soup

classic potato soup with parsley

The classic of German cuisine. And just like the potato salad very different in different regions. For example, it is available as thick and thin version, I personally prefer the thickness. Basis offers also here like with the pea soup a tidy piece of smoked belly bacon which is roasted in the pan. In the Berlin potato soup a pair of wieners, which is put on only at the end, may not be missing. You can find this soup at many rural snack bars and goulash cans. I liked this soup as a child very, very much!

Oxtail soup

Oxtail without skin

Nowadays, unfortunately, somewhat fallen into the background is the deliciously strong oxtail soup. It is a dark brown soup with little meat and vegetables. But the taste is very unique. The meat is removed from the boiled oxtail and added to the rest of the strained soup. A proper sprinkling of freshly chopped parsley does not hurt this dish either.

In my opinion, you should try at least two or three of the stews briefly presented here during a visit to Germany!