Queuing at the supermarket checkout is a tiresome issue and often very annoying.


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In Germany, a distinction is made between consumer markets (up to 30,000 items), supermarkets (up to 5,000 items) and discounters (up to 1,500 items). The checkout performance is poorest at discounters, as they have the fewest staff available and the sales assistants receive relatively low salaries.

Imagine you’ve been standing in line at the checkout for 20 minutes. Then a new cash register opens and you’re happy that you’re finally getting paid.

Not so in Germany:

Here the FASTER one wins!!! the DRANGLER!!!

The cashier will open his cash register and he won’t give a damn who lines up first at his cash register.

They are everywhere!

We know them, the pushers. They push their way on buses and trains, at school and at work, in traffic and, of course, at the checkout with the most disgusting audacity. Their motto: the bolder the better.

And they have their disgusting jostling sensors everywhere, and believe me, even before you hear “Checkout XY” is opened, the pig is standing there, which in contrast to your 20 minutes did not have to wait at all.

My disgust for this kind of people is boundless, it is one of the most disgusting character traits that mankind has produced.

And the solution is so simple…

A responsible cashier should first take the person who has been waiting the longest by the hand and lead him to the cash register.

To all German cashiers: IS THAT SO HARD?


From my years as a salesman and store manager I can tell you that it is very, very easy to establish justice! And it is an outstanding fun to make the pushers a dash through the bill, about their stupid faces I could still be happy in the evening.

Is it also so unfair at the supermarket checkouts in your country?