I regularly scour my books and the Internet for interesting facts about Germany and check them for relevance and truthfulness.

Here bundled the result, also I have collected a few fun facts about Germany.

The article will be expanded regularly!

Flag of Bavaria

Bavaria is home to one out of every four cows in the country.

After Vienna and Berlin, New York had the most German-speaking residents in the late nineteenth century.

The Statue of Liberty at New York
Munich English Garden in autumn

Munich’s English Garden is larger than New York’s Central Park.

During the California gold rush, this was a fantastic invention. Löb Strauss, the creator of the iconic American jeans, was born in Bavaria and immigrated to the United States at the age of 18. Here, he changed his name to Levi and obtained a patent for attaching rivets to the most stressed areas of work pants.

Levis Jeans
European forest

Primeval Forest – Sababurg Forest, part of the Reinhardswald in Hesse, in the heart of Germany, has been unmanaged for over a century.

The worldwide custom of the decorated fir tree at Christmas goes back to ancient Germanic customs. The green of the fir symbolized fertility in winter and people decorated the doors with it. Traditions about the first decorated Christmas trees in Freiburg date back to 1416, a German tradition that is more than 600 years old.

Decorating the Christmas tree
Woman reading a magazine

The Hamburg magazine “Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen” published the world’s first regular publication in 1663.

There are about 25,000 castles in today’s FRG(40,000 in Central Europe), unfortunately there is no exact number. However, only every 10th of them is well to completely preserved.

medieval Burg Eltz Castle
part of the adidas logo

Two world famous sports brands: Adidas and Puma are two of the biggest sports brands ever. The founders Adolf Dassler (Adidas) and Rudolf Dassler (Puma) were brothers who, strongly quarreled, built up the two empires independently of each other in Germany, Herzogenaurauch. Adidas is a composition of Adolf Dassler’s first and last name, so “Adi” is the short form of Adolf and “Das” the first three letters of the last name. However, the brand name is written in lower case, i.e. “adidas”.

With 83 million inhabitants, Germany is the most populous country in Europe.

viele silberne Autos

Even though Volkswagen, along with General Motors and Toyota, is one of the largest in the world, producing about 10 million cars each annually, only about 5% of the cars produced worldwide are manufactured in Germany. By comparison, China accounts for around 30% and the USA for around 20% of global car production. (2020 data)

There are no tuition fees in most states in Germany. In some states, such as Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony, there is only a long-term fee of 500Eur per semester on average, once the study credit of 14 semesters has been used up.

Universität Hörsaal

Prostitution is legal here.

There is even a new, politically correct word here for the long-used word hooker(Nutte): “sex worker“.

You can also find SexFlatrates from 100Eur…

Silence on Sundays please!

Mowing the lawn with loud mowers is forbidden, with quiet equipment undesirable! Of course, everything else that makes noise is also prohibited. Sunday is the Lord’s Day, so in many Catholic areas working(like doing the laundry) on Sundays is also “forbidden”. About the opening hours on Sundays of certain stores in Germany I informed in another report.

Zusammenlegen der Wäsche nciht am Sonntag
Berlin mit Rotem Rathaus und Spree

The capital Berlin is big!
We have ~890km² here with lots of forest and green areas. So it is over 100km² bigger than New York(~780km²).
Some cities for comparison:

Los Angeles ~1300km²