Although I know German grammar and spelling almost perfectly, but I can not teach it. It is very difficult and there are specialists for that.
What I can teach or convey, however, are German idioms, which are not in every textbook…

I’ve included an audio file for the correct pronunciation in each case, or you can watch the full video.

!Attention! Use at your own risk!

1. Fotze


2. Schweinefotze

pork cunt

3. Drecksfotze

dirty cunt

4. Fickfotze

fuck cunt

5. Scheissfotze

fucking cunt

6. Fotzenkind

cunt child

7. Kackspast

poop spazz

8. Hurensohn

son of a bitch

9. Arschficker


10. Genpampe

gene mush

Bonus: Alphakevin