31 German golden rules for better, more sustainable business

I’m sure many of you agree with these rules and even use most of them today!

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Text: 31 Golden German Rules

  1. Respect your make and do not throw your goods on the street!
  2. Do not work beyond your strength!
  3. Respect talent and do not demand that it blindly submit to the purse.
  4. Treat your workers and employees as your fellow men!
  5. Pay your debts on time.
  6. Pay attention to the progress in the field of industry and put up a new flag from time to time!
  7. Keep an eye on the competition, but otherwise worry less about the business of others and go your own way!
  8. Be content with a modest profit, always look for solvent customers and sell only against cash if possible!
  9. When hiding your goods, look at the character of the buyer, his honesty and efficiency; respect and appreciate even the small, decent customers!
  10. Don’t let the desire to sell be noticed too much and don’t make yourself dependent on your customers!
  11. The best businessmen are those who keep their books and finances in order.
  12. Manufacture only solid goods!
  13. Do not go with the big pile!
  14. Take care of your reputation!
  15. Beware of accepting bills of exchange as much as possible and don’t give favorable giros!
  16. Keep your business hours strictly!
  17. Always have a piece of pencil or chalk in your pocket to be able to calculate immediately!
  18. Beware of useless expenses!
  19. Save in the youth, so you will not starve in the old age!
  20. Buy good material for your products!
  21. Do not let yourself be kicked by your customers!
  22. Take note of your customers, their characteristics and the articles they buy!
  23. Avoid slow payers and harassers!
  24. Insist more on your solidity than on your old company, otherwise younger forces will overtake you!
  25. Do not rush in your business zeal and let your competitors live too!
  26. In order not to go back, plant a young rice on the old trunk, i.e. pull young capable forces into your business, so that the old trunk does not dry up!
  27. Support the talents and you support the progress and yourself!
  28. Never lose heart, if now and then business stagnates; the world turns!
  29. Do not waste your time with useless things; the morning is the best time to work; avoid working until the night!
  30. If others weigh too lightly, then you weigh more heavily; always remain with the correct weight; if others measure too short, then give rather a piece and deliver correct measure!
  31. Do not dissipate your strength, either, and apply it predominantly to one goal, if you wish to persevere.

Time is money!

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