This matchup is all about the “real” football, played in the USA and Germany and against each other.

The USA, unlike 4-time world champion Germany, does not play a major role in the soccer world.

The two countries are not football rivals, so even the fans treat each other respectfully.

Oliver Kahn is one of the best goalkeepers German football has ever had, here is a clip of his skills in the semi-final against the USA in 2002:


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But now for the German-American soccer facts:

In the total of only 12 encounters since 1972, Germany won 8 times, the USA 4 times and there was no draw.

In world championships, the Germans have so far always won against the USA.

In a table, the whole thing looks like this:

victory Germanydrawvictory USA

Germany also leads in the goal balance with 30 to 17 goals.

Here you can see that Germany is simply the better in football…

How many soccer clubs are there in Germany and how many in the USA

In Germany, there are just under 25,000 clubs. Here, there is one club for every 3,320 inhabitants.

In the USA, soccer is played in about 9,000 clubs. That makes 36,470 inhabitants per soccer club.

In relation to the population, Germany has more than 10 times as many soccer clubs as the USA. For this ratio, the overall goal ratio for the USA is quite good!


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