It is about the field wasp – Polistes dominula


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This wasp species is protected in Germany and is rarely found in the city.

It builds approx. 10-15cm large nests in sun-protected, shady places. These places include windows, tables, edges of garbage cans and open pipes. I had a plague of them at my warehouse with dozens of nests.

Field wasps are said to be active in naturally reducing flies. I had a plague of flies as well. That the field wasps attack flies I could not observe even once! Probably they have only if then maggots as a prey.

The animals are very shy and fearful. It is very difficult to get too close to them because they flee very fast.

Unfortunately there is one exception: you shake their nest.

They immediately switch to attack and attack you alternately and specifically.

In my case the nest was always under a table, which I unintentionally shook by putting packages down. All 3 stings were highly accurate in the same foot. They are so fast and skillful that they don’t even have to sit down, but sting in flight. At least that was my impression.

After the mentioned 3 stitches my foot looks then exactly like on the following photo(original photo of me):

It takes 2-3 weeks until it starts to decongest again!!! The appearance and going is very painful during this time, it must be a very strong poison, not comparable with the “normal” real wasp in my experience. A sting of the real wasp hurts very much in the beginning, but is history after three days and at most unpleasant like a mosquito bite.