An old German Legend that motivation is infinitely important in war.

When Attila had long besieged the city of Aquileia and the Romans stubbornly resisted, his army began to grumble and wanted to leave.

Then it happened that the king, in doubt whether he should lift the camp or wait any longer, walked around the walls of the city and saw how the white birds, namely the storks, which nested in the gables of the houses, carried their young out of the city and dragged them out of the country, contrary to their custom.

Attila, being a wise man, called out to his people and said: “Behold these birds, foreboding of the future, leaving the soon-sinking city and the collapsing houses!”

Then the army took courage, and they built tools and wall-breakers. Aquileia fell in the storm and went up in flames. This city was so devastated that hardly the traces remained where they had stood.