Like almost everything else, fishing in Germany is heavily regulated. And that’s a good thing in my opinion. Since the fishing law differs greatly from state to state, I outline here only roughly what is needed for legal fishing in Germany.


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2 components needed: Fishing license + fishing permit contract

This official license is obtained only after passing the fishing exam and is virtually the license of fishing. In order for the license to be valid, a fishing fee must be paid annually. With this license you can prove that you are able to move properly on the water, handle the fish correctly and use only the approved fishing methods.

You can go fishing with this license only if you own a water, for all others you need a fishing permit. As the name implies – the permission from the owner (which can be clubs, fishermen or private individuals) that you are allowed to fish in that water.

Once again for understanding it is mentioned that even if the water belongs to you in Germany, you may fish there only with a fishing license.

As a foreigner in Germany, how do I get a fishing permit and what does it cost?

The fishing permit contract or also called fishing license, you get nowadays already online, but also uncomplicated in the fishing store of the region in which the water is located.

It costs, for example, for one of the largest and most popular fishing areas in Germany – the Müritz, 82, -Eur per person and month (as of 2021).

The corresponding tourist fishing license costs 24,-Eur per person and month.

Together this makes 106,-Eur for one month fishing at the Müritz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Order online here.

So-called tourist fishing licenses are currently only available in Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg without proof of expertise. In Brandenburg, this license only allows fishing for peaceful fish. In some other federal states you can get a short-term fishing license for foreign visitors with proof of expert knowledge of his home country.

You will get an info sheet with the most important rules how to behave where. Violations of the German fishing law are punished with up to 25.000,-Eur fine.

In summary, what is important is:

If you want to go fishing legally in Germany, you need a fishing license, a fishing permit contract and the knowledge of the fishing law in the respective state in which you are on vacation. Expect costs of about 100,-Eur per month (as of 2021).